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Hologram Entertainment

Hologram Entertainment is a software development studio that helps build innovative Web3/Blockchain/AI products that disrupt traditional, entrenched business models. Hologram Entertainment is focused on building new systems that are more transparent and accessible.

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About Hologram Entertainment

  • Hologram Entertainment was started by aspirational individuals who have worked in traditional startup and corporate tech companies and are disillusioned by the systemic injustice that those systems have built and profited from.
  • Hologram Entertainment aims to create a more equitable and accessible society through transparency and democratization of traditional industries.
  • Building on the innovative technologies of Web3, blockchain, and AI - there is a real opportunity to create systems that work for the many rather than only the few. Sustainability comes from creating systems that allow everyone to participate and profit in an equitable and transparent manner.
  • Share our vision? Hologram Entertainment is hiring.
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