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Democratizing the film industry and empowering investors globally, we offer secure access to exciting film opportunities. Our mission is to transform fans into investors, fostering a community-driven approach and developing engaging franchises.

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Our Story

Step into the story authored by the visionary partners of Silver Line Media Fund, Platinum Studios, Inc., and Hologram Entertainment. United by a common goal, we embark on a journey to democratize Hollywood and fix the film and entertainment industry. This captivating tale of innovation and collaboration unfolds through Reel Finance.


Reel Finance connects fans and investors with the content that they want to be a part of. By lowering the risk in film finance, investing into your favorite content and seeing it on the big screens or online have never been more rewarding.

Tax Benefits

A once-exclusive tool is now within everyone's reach. We assist investors in optimizing tax deductions specific to the film industry. Our streamlined legal processes prioritize simplicity, enabling you to focus on the content rather than grappling with intricate financial complexities.


With our innovative financing model, we prioritize protecting our investors from downside risks when participating in film financing. Investing in our films means benefiting from multiple revenue streams, offering diverse avenues for profitability. Teaming up with the world's largest distribution platforms ensures our films reach broad audiences, amplifying investment returns.

Through vertical ownership and technological integration, we strategically reduce costs to the overall profitability of our ventures. Continuous investment results in growing dividends, coupled with reduced taxes, creating a lucrative and sustainable investment landscape for stakeholders.

Our backers and partners

Platinum Studios

Partner with Platinum Universe, one of the world’s largest IP libraries.

Silver Line Media Fund

Invest alongside the ones responsible for making films more equitable and ensuring the community is finally able to participate.

Hologram Entertainment

Learn from the bespoke Web3/AI technology company building the decentralized future of entertainment.

Distribution partners

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Matthew Brown

Chief Executive Officer,

Board of Director

Scott Mitchell Rosenberg

Head of Content,

Board of Director

Mark Caplan

Chief Licensing Officer,

Board of Director

Del Wright Jr.


Chris Helton

Head of Innovative Finance,

Board of Director

Andrew Zhang

Chief Technical Officer