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Silver Line Media Fund

Silver Line Films, Inc. produces, develops and finances films with budgets ranging from 1M- 25M. Silver Line was established to serve as a vehicle through which investors may participate in the film industry while at the same time physically protecting cash assets and earning a financial return on their investments.

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About Silver Line Films

  • SLF is an innovative for-profit production and film finance organization that uses invested funds to make film guarantees and loans to film enterprises that create value for the company and its investors.
  • Through our innovative strategies we can combine non-traditional investors with film projects that match their goals. Silver Line Films’ model bring in operators from industries that don’t have built in Federal Tax deductions in their normal day-to-day operations such as: Cannabis, Energy, and Web3.
  • Film guarantees, and loans are evaluated on creditworthiness, production value, producer experience and overall market acceptance according to genre.
  • Films will focus on the following sectors: Action, Drama/Character Driven, Family and Faith-based, Horror & Suspense.
Invest with trained Innovators

Chris Helton

Chris Helton is the founder and CEO of Silver Line Films, Inc. a film finance and production company that works with various producers on structuring finance and distribution. Currently they are developing projects as part of a $20M film slate.

Mr. Helton began his film career as an actor in 2000 after serving in the U.S. Marine Corps. In the years since he began, Mr. Helton has produced thousands of hours of film and television programming, marketing DVD productions, and online video campaigns. He has a passion for the creative side and the financial side. Chris Helton uses his experience to create a clear vision for success for the films he produces.